Returning to Our Roots: How Bulletproof Coffee Took Off

In many regions of Asia, there is a mountain range that is one of the most vast and expansive in all the world. The Himalayas are a range of mountains that are particularly impressive as they are the tallest on Earth. Within this range, there are many people who have managed to live in relative harmony with the natural conditions.

Across places like Tibet, Nepal, and northern India, there are cultures and societies that have enjoyed all aspects of this region and actually benefited from the climate. Yet all of them use a specific method of ensuring that they are maintaining their warmth and health. To do this, they use yak butter tea.

In the following article, we will discuss why Silicon Valley execs, Wall Street traders and others are returning to these ancient techniques with a new brew called Bulletproof coffee. In fact, so many people are using this butter coffee remedy, it is starting to have significant effects on how coffeeshops in the USA operate.

Changing Our Minds

Sometimes the topic of improving brain health is lost on people. Almost everyone agrees they could use better memory and learning ability, but few people want to spend the time to make it happen. With something like butter coffee, it is easy to simply take advantage of MCT oil . This is a high energy tool that many people use to improve their cognitive capacity and so can you.

Even though the advantages of butter coffee might not be as impactful as other nootropics like Qualia, it is still a powerful tool that you can utilize to get the best results.

No matter what you decide to do, keep in mind that the best of the best are already using tools like this in order to get ahead of the game. Most people who are in executive positions have at least heard of Bulletproof coffee and the healthiest people are doing big things that really make a difference.